Bullseye 22-Rimfire Pistol League

We are planning to run the Winchester/NRA Marksmanship Program – Bullseye Pistol probably on Friday nights, starting in January. This is a progressive target shooting program for those interested in pistol shooting. (In some ways, this would be similar to our trap shooting, but would be at the indoor range). Shooters of all skill levels are invited to get involved and improve their skills by shooting weekly. The Bullseye Pistol program will be a 22-rimfire, iron sights, competitive pistol shooting program where shooters will be of all levels and will have the opportunity to earn progressively more advanced awards. As the league develops, scores earned by shooters at McDonald are put up against scores from other local clubs. Jeff Armstrong and Ed Bicker will be heading the league and are able to describe better. For more information, look up “Winchester/NRA Marksmanship Qualification Program” on the internet. It is included on the NRA and Winchester sites.

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