McDonald Sportsmen’s Assoc. is hosting an Appleseed Project Rifle Marksmanship Clinic!

Project Appleseed is an activity of The Revolutionary War Veterans Association, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, dedicated to teaching Americans traditional rifle marksmanship skills complemented by discussions about our shared heritage of the History of the Beginning of the American Revolutionary War.

This is an intensive two day rifle marksman-ship clinic focusing on: Six Steps to Firing the Shot, Natural Point of Aim, Sling Use and providing an opportunity to qualify for the coveted “Rifleman’s Badge”. Participants will be firing up to 400 rounds during the two day event accompanied by shot analysis, drills and lectures.

Beginners are welcome! Experienced rifle shooters will find this clinic very worthwhile for improving their marksmanship skills. In accordance with applicable laws, young people, with sufficient maturity, are welcome to the Appleseed line with parental permission. The McDonald Sportsmen’s Foundation and the Education Committee are eager to encourage parents to participate in this event with their children. Child’s fee can be reimbursed after attendance & participation with parent.

Download Event Brochure

For more information contact:
Dan Campbell, Coordinator: / (412) 303-8539 or
Lee Gower, Shoot Boss: / (724) 847-7560

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Fly Tying – Intermediate Class

Intermediate level fly tying class with materials and tools provided. More advanced patterns and techniques are covered to progress the student beyond the introductory level in the hobby.
This class is taught by the McDonald Sportsmen’s Fly Tiers Guild.

Thursday Nights beginning end of March.

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Fly Tying – Beginners Class

Introduction to fly tying with materials and tools provided. Basic patterns and techniques are covered to introduce the student to the hobby.
This class is taught by the McDonald Sportsmen’s Fly Tiers Guild.

Thursday Nights January 30 – March 6

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Bullseye 22-Rimfire Pistol League

We are planning to run the Winchester/NRA Marksmanship Program – Bullseye Pistol probably on Friday nights, starting in January. This is a progressive target shooting program for those interested in pistol shooting. (In some ways, this would be similar to our trap shooting, but would be at the indoor range). Shooters of all skill levels are invited to get involved and improve their skills by shooting weekly. The Bullseye Pistol program will be a 22-rimfire, iron sights, competitive pistol shooting program where shooters will be of all levels and will have the opportunity to earn progressively more advanced awards. As the league develops, scores earned by shooters at McDonald are put up against scores from other local clubs. Jeff Armstrong and Ed Bicker will be heading the league and are able to describe better. For more information, look up “Winchester/NRA Marksmanship Qualification Program” on the internet. It is included on the NRA and Winchester sites.

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NRA-Pistol Instructor Class

We are looking for people who are interested in attending NRA Pistol Instructor training. Individuals interested in completing this class will be certified to teach NRA pistol classes and will be involved in future classes offered through McDonald Sportsmen’s (like NRA FIRST Steps and BASIC Pistol). The minimum class size will be 5 and the maximum size will be 10. The class is not yet scheduled, but we are working on a class in the November time frame which will be a two-day class.

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